Swim Coach provides you with personalized workouts and training plans to take your swimming to the next level.

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Start now for free!

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Personalized trainings for your individual needs

Suitable for swimming and triathlon.

Smart Trainings

Set your swim distance and choose from various training focus like breathing, endurance, technique and more to achieve your goals.

Maximum Variety

Swim Coach provides you with individual workouts so that no training is like the other.

Free to Use

Access 40+ attractive exercises for swimmers and triathletes for free.

Get More With Gold

Users with a Gold Subscription benefit from even more features like access to 150+ exercises, a workout log with automatic CSS calculation and more.

“Great workout variety. Workout plans keep me on track, thanks.”


“Better than a real life coach. Enjoy the variety and goal specific training plans.”


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“Helps immensely when swimming workouts by yourself. Highly motivating sets. I open the app just to look at the panda and smile.”